About Us

Leo and Jeanette believe the best way to reduce poverty and restore dignity to marginalized people is to give them quality training to improve their skills so they can re-enter the labor market.

Ron (centre photo) came to us with very little hope of ever finding work.  Today, Ron will tell you “thanks to Leo and Jeanette” he has a full-time job and is no longer a recipient of social assistance.

Let’s become the change we want for our community
and give someone a second chance

Our mission

is to offer employment opportunities to marginalized people and bring positive change in their lives.

Our objective

is to provide our trainees basic employability and coping skills that will increase their chances of getting and keeping a decent job.

Our Modest Beginnings

Léo Johnson and his wife Jeannette created Second Chance Workshop Inc. The vision arose from a dream Leo had while working at the House of Nazareth. There, homeless people were fed and housed but for Leo and Jeannette, that was not enough.  Being compassionate, they knew that sending homeless people out on the street with nothing to do would not restore their dignity. In February 2013, a used furniture and appliance store “Enviro Plus” opened their door.

Our Journey