Your efforts promote positive change for our planet

Second Chance Workshop – GMCC Environmental Excellence Award 2017

This award is given to a business that has demonstrated strong environmental leadership through its policies and practices in order to improve ecological sustainability and reduce its impact on the environment.

Recycling Reduces Landfill Waste

Steam-Cleaning, fixing and repurposing existing furniture prevents
hundreds of valuable possessions from ending up at the landfill

At “Enviro Plus” we follow the Three “R” ’s
of protecting and preserving the environment.


The objective of “Reduction” is to save you money by reducing the quantity of new goods you will have to purchase.  An huge amount of energy is spent in manufacturing, packaging, storing and shipping new furniture.  The hidden environmental effect is devastating to the environment.


An important amount of the furniture given to Enviro Plus is made of solid hard wood. The same cannot be said with New Furniture fabricated today.

The life expectancy of most furniture is roughly one-third that of a solid wood piece. The retouching and steam-cleaning of slightly used solid wood furniture will extend their life by two or three times the projected lifespan; keeping the furniture in use and out of the landfill for a very long time.


At “Enviro Plus” we do receive furniture that we cannot repair. However, when possible, we keep what can be recycled such as material, foam paddings, hard wood structures, buttons and such, to reuse on other structures.


Repurposing Furniture Reduces Carbon Impact

Enviro Plus estimates having reduced the carbon footprint (CO2) – a major cause of pollution – by 600 tons since our inception in 2013.

Recycling and Reusing existing goods requires less energy than creating new items from virgin materials. Human-caused emissions are suspected to be the chief cause of the greenhouse effect and Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the largest component of human-caused emission.

Research has revealed that repurposing furniture VS buying new has a huge positive effect on Carbon Footprint (CO2). As shown in the diagram, an estimated saving of 124.08 Tons CO2 occurred in a 100-room hotel in Australia.

Enviro Plus is proud to be a major contributor in this effort to protect the environment