The Trainees

Trainees are referred to us by caseworkers in the Department of Social Services and screened by our Selection Committee at Enviro Plus


There are two components to our training programs. The first is an evaluation program and then a skills development program.

To those who ask, we offer hope of a decent occupation!

The focus is placed on employability and coping skills to meet our trainee’s basic needs… we strive to provide them a better tomorrow!

Evaluation program

The evaluation program is a 4-week program designed to assess if the trainee has basic essential skills required to secure and maintain a job such as:

  • Attendance

  • Punctuality

  • Personal appearance

  • Communication

  • Ability to work

  • Ability to follow instructions

A weekly report is prepared and sent to the trainee’s case worker. After 4 weeks, an action plan is prepared for the trainee.

Skill development program

As a prerequisite, trainees to this program must have successfully completed the evaluation program. This program, available up to a maximum of 26 weeks, is designed to further enhance the trainees’ work skills. The focus is to improve or address barriers that prevent them from getting a job such as

  • Building a positive self-esteem

  • A positive attitude

  • Ability to resolve conflicts and problems

  • Demonstrating a willingness to learn

  • Dependability

  • Autonomy