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Let's offer HOPE for a better quality of life for  the unemployed !

Since 2013, Second Chance Workshop has been committed to providing employment to people who are often forgotten and abandoned. We aim to make positive changes in their lives.

Our priorities

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Offering a ray of sunshine to everyone
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Dare to plan for a greener future
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Work in a workshop

                    How to achieve life-changing results.

To meet the challenges, the support of many is essential. Several local organizations and agencies in Greater Moncton are advocating for Second Chance workshop. It is with this backing that they will overcome the barriers that prevent many from becoming self-sufficient.

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The respect and love offered encourages hundreds of people

to find a stable job.

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Your recyclable furniture donations help us give a second chance to people !

Donate your recyclable furniture

Schedule a FREE Pick-up (506) 853-7722

Drop-off location
Enviro Plus
315 Baig, Moncton NB


Staff & Students restore

Sold in store to fund the Light Program

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