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The retail outlet

In order to maintain the revenues that fund our program and the operating costs, Second Chance Workshop opened a store, ENVIRO PLUS.

A unique training mechanism is used ... the recycling, repairing, and reselling of lightly used furniture and appliances, all donated by citizens of the community.

Cleaning Process

With the high temperature steam cleaning process, (350°) Enviro Plus stands out for being the only retailer in Atlantic Canada to offer such a service.

These pieces of furniture are cleaned and renovated in the workshop by trainees who are currently recipients of financial assistance.


The goal is to place these people in a real sales store where the desired expectations are to follow instructions, work as a team, be punctual and maintain an appropriate appearance; all in order to improve their chances of finding and, above all, maintaining a decent job.

Affordable sale prices

Once sales-worthy, these items are sold at reasonable prices to help families in the area balance their budgets. Come in and breathe the freshness of the air - every item is like NEW. You will be impressed with what our students have accomplished!

Free pickup

Contact us to arrange for free pickup.


1.        Give a second chance: Your purchase contributes to helping someone become self-sufficient.


2.        Really clean: Each item is repaired, carefully vacuumed and steam cleaned (350°). 


3.        Everything works: Before an item goes on sale, you are assured that it works.


4.        Friendly staff: The caring and enthusiasm of our staff is visible.


5.        Reasonable delivery charges: Affordable delivery. A service that sets us apart from the rest.


6.        Exchange guarantee on certain items: Where have you purchased a used item with this type of guarantee?


7.        Save the planet: Protect the planet and keep furniture out of the landfill.









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