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An improved program

The mandate of the Second Chance Workshop remains the same: to provide employment opportunities to marginalized people and beneficiaries of financial assistance. Our mission has just improved with the “Light Program” to include people without a fixed address residing in temporary housing, as well as those who depend on parents or guardians, who are beneficiaries of financial assistance and, certain residents of homes for adults. These people all deserve a second chance. Expanding the scope of training to include these groups will give everyone who qualifies a new lease on life.


Daniel Laforest, a graduate of the Light Program, is now a full-time assistant truck driver at Enviro Plus.

The Light Program

The Light Program consists of offering unemployed people a complete learning service in order to discern between the person who has the skills and determination to seek and find a job and the person who currently does not seem to be at this stage of growth.

The program is divided into four distinct phases:


PHASE 1 – The four-week orientation period offers the student the chance to gradually become familiar with this new working environment. The role of the mentor here is rather to observe and provide basic advice in order to encourage the student to remain courageous.


PHASE 2 – The four-week assessment process aims to observe and evaluate the student to know their skills and abilities to continue towards phase 3.


The student's performance evaluation will follow values such as learning to follow directions, working in a team, communicating well, being punctual, maintaining an appropriate appearance, being motivated, and maintaining a positive attitude.


PHASE 3 – The twelve-week training period offers the student instructions mainly focused on learning soft skills. That is to say, situations relating to reliability; integrity; self-confidence; adaptation; to communication; to the development of critical thinking, and the ability to live in society.


During this internship, better “on-site learning” supervision is used. The right time to address a current conflict is when irritation arises, in order to think about it carefully and arrive at a suitable compromise. The objective is to transform the student's behavior and thus prepare him to develop an acceptable level of problem-solving skills. This is how he will be able to keep his job.


PHASE 4 – To ensure the progress of the new employee, the division manager offers monthly support for 12 months. Above all, he remains available when needed.  


Responsibilities: Throughout the process, those in charge of the Light Program will always be attentive to encourage the student client who presents certain barriers is falling behind to persevere and, to encourage those who meet or exceed the required expectations.                              

Priorities related to students in temporary housing

  • Be able to survive in an apartment

  • Follow the guidelines of conduct established by the manager of the accommodation found

  • Focus on homeless program goals



For more details, click on the page “Our partners”.

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