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Our partners



Ministry of Social Development

Second Chance Workshop has always pursued the mission of providing quality training to unemployed people to better prepare them to integrate into the labor market and achieve independence.

Whatever the efforts undertaken, our business partnership with the Department of Social Development and the Department of Post-Secondary Education has always been important to us. The department reaffirms their commitment to full collaboration on a regular basis.


The Nazareth House

Second Chance Workshop and The Nazareth House have always maintained a friendly and professional relationship. Ensuring the fight against poverty among the most disadvantaged in our society continues to be our shared missions. Today, a special partnership is in place. Residents of the shelter who qualify to follow the "Light Program" are referred to us in order to participate as students.

The ECO 360 landfill center

The commercial relationship between Second Chance Workshop and ECO 360 is such that a partnership was concluded in 2018 with the Mobile Depot. Recyclable items are kept and reserved for Enviro Plus who restore each item and sell them. The Depot serves 18 surrounding communities in southeastern NB.  In addition, ECO 360 participates in job placement for graduate clients of the Light Program.

The Saint Vincent de Paul Society – since 2016

As official sponsors of the only conference of the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Society in New Brunswick linked to the National Council, our mission goes beyond the unemployed. Second Chance Workshop provides special support to the most disadvantaged people in our community by giving them new hope for a better life.

Rising Tide-Moncton

In conjunction with the New Brunswick Housing Corporation, the organization Rising Tide helps Second Chance Workshop find suitable accommodation for trainees enrolled in the “Light Program”.


Victim Services and Community Policing

This service becomes indispensable when a student encounters difficulties concerning the law. Often an offense from the past can hold some people back. These agents become our allies as consultants or interveners when inappropriate or unacceptable behavior appears.


One of the goals of the YWCA is to provide safe and affordable housing for women and gender-diverse people so that they have the opportunity to change their lives, for themselves and for their children. Second Chance Workshop is proud to participate in this project by offering them furniture at a 10% discount.

Salvus Clinic

Salvus' goal is to provide access to primary health care, housing support and service navigation to members of our community who face barriers related to homelessness, poverty, mental health and addiction.  Second Chance Workshop is fortunate to be able to benefit from their expertise in consultation with trainees who face difficult situations.  In addition, Salvus sends us referrals of potential clients to join the “Light Program”.

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