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Bringing new life to home furnishings has a huge impact on the environment.  

A unique model

The model used to help reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, in addition to absorbing the costs of the Light Program, is the donation of recyclable home furnishings received from generous people in our communities. Once repaired and steam cleaned, these pieces of furniture are sold to our Enviro Plus store… a huge contribution to the reduction of CO2 pollutants.
The positive effects are numerous:

• This is a vehicle for raising awareness of the importance of recycling for our families in Southeastern New Brunswick.
• School visits further encourage parents to do their part to protect the environment.
• This creates a need to hire a recycling technician.


The commercial relationship between Second Chance Workshop and ECO 360 is such that a partnership was concluded in 2018. The Mobile Depot keeps recyclable items and saves them so Enviro Plus can restore and sell them. The depot serves 18 surrounding communities in Southeastern NB.

At  Second Chance Workshop, we follow the three "R"s to protect and preserve the environment.

We apply waste management and recycling strategies to reduce the amount of material that ends up in the landfill. Before we dispose of our waste, we follow each of the following three steps.


The goal of 'reduce' for you is to save money by reducing the quantity of new products you buy. A tremendous amount of energy is expended in the manufacturing, packaging, storage and shipping of new furniture. The hidden environmental effect is devastating to the environment.


Much of the donated furniture is made of solid hardwood. The same cannot be said for some of today's new furniture. Refinishing and steam cleaning gently used furniture extends its life by many years. It keeps it in use and out of the landfill for a long time. 


Recycling is the most environmentally friendly method of waste disposal. We sometimes receive items that we cannot repair. However, when possible, we keep what can be recycled, such as metals, foam padding, hardwood frames, knobs and other similar materials. We send them to where they can be used. 

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Reusing furniture reduces the carbon impact

Enviro Plus estimates having reduced carbon footprint (CO2) - a major cause of pollution - by 120 tons per year since our inception in 2013.


Recycling and reusing products require less energy than creating items from new materials. Man-made emissions are suspected to be the main cause of the greenhouse effect and carbon dioxide ( CO2 ).

The bomb represents the mass contained in one ton of CO2

Enviro Plus is proud to be a serious player in the effort to protect the environment.

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