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Compassion and respect for one another can change a life.

Our work

What we do

We offer unemployed people programs that focus on employability and their adaptation skills. Ultimately, the goal is to develop an acceptable level of problem-solving skills in the student. This is how he/she will be able to maintain his/her job.


Almost all of the men and women referred by the Department of Social Development are recipients of financial assistance. Many have not completed their schooling, have no diploma/degree or have behavioural problems. It is up to us to work with the Department's case managers to find suitable candidates for the assessment program.  

This assessment helps case managers to better evaluate the employability of their clients. Case managers find it difficult to effectively assess them in the limited time they have to spend with them. 

Since its inception, Second Chance Workshop has helped over 150 individuals. They have found employment, returned to school or solved personal issues that were hindering their growth. 

How to draw attention to our job readiness program


The aim is to receive as many referrals as possible - especially for people who encounter difficulties in finding and maintaining a job . So, we maintain a close relationship with agencies in Greater Moncton that share our goals.

 Can you refer someone?

Let's challenge those we know who are ready to embark on the road to independence.

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