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      Your chance to act

 Second Chance Workshop offers a job preparation program designed specifically to help people who are having difficulty mainly in maintaining and finding meaningful work.


Be among those who want a positive change in their life… inquire today! 


Could this employment program be for you?


  • Are you having difficulty in finding and/or maintaining a job?

  • Are you a young adult still dependent on a guardian?

  • Are you a recipient of financial assistance ?

  • Is your Employment Insurance insufficient for your survival?


If you are ready to make a commitment, maybe you are the perfect candidate!


  • Be prepared to take on new responsibilities

  • To show up every day

  • To commit to being punctual

  • To be able to follow instructions

  • To have an appropriate personal appearance

  • Be ready to work in a dynamic work environment


What we can offer:


  • Work in a caring and fair environment

  • To potentially receive a daily allowance

  • To have work boots for your safety

  • Bus pass to and from work - if required

  • 2 Enviro Plus T-shirts and a long-sleeved shirt


We have helped hundreds of people find abilities they didn't even know they had. They developed a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem. The program works because of the love, respect and dedication they receive throughout the process… a real second chance!


How to register

Our pre-employment program is designed specifically for you, if you are having difficulty with employability or personal stability issues. 

Completing this form and contacting your case manager may qualify you for a four-week assessment session with Second Chance Workshop.

The Light Program
Program information request
Secondary education:
Languages Spoken:
Are you on social assistance?
Are you on employment insurance?

Thank you for your request !

NOTE: if you have any questions contact us now!

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